My name is Andi and I am sharing a little about me from my home, floating office and studio – our 48 foot sailing boat, “Morningside.” We are currently located in the beautiful Whitsundays, North Queensland right alongside the Great Barrier Reef here in Australia.
I was born, and grew up, in Slovakia, Eastern Europe, in the era of socialism which gave me the opportunity to become a creative , independent and also stubborn person willing to have dreams and make plans happen.
While still living in Europe, I was travelling often. Each time I found myself further and further from home. As the travelling continued I visited numerous countries in East and West Europe, Africa, Asia and finally, my beloved Australia, which I now call home.
During all of my travels I carried a trusty camera with me and tried to capture the world that I experienced and saw through my eyes. Time and time again, the things that fascinate me and capture my interest have always been nature, people, the many varied lifestyles and cultures around the world, the colourful landscapes and the fascinating wildlife. Everywhere I have been and continue to visit, I am in awe of this wonderful planet.
In 2013 , I quit my dead-end job and exited a toxic relationship. A new life was waiting for me and it was time to make it happen.
I booked a one way ticket to Australia, where my adventures really began. I won’t lie, it was not easy to turn my life upside down, literally, but it is was the biggest decision I made in my life.
There were new adventures to be had and new life situations waiting for me. And it was time to just do it.
2016 was a significant year for me. I met my husband, Boyd, and he opened my world to a completely new perspective and direction for me. He literally woke up that monster in me.:-)
Boyd has a background of adventure and creativity and plays with the drones (visit his site here) whenever he can.
We now live and work on our business, travel and sailing adventures together, excited about where the next breeze will take us.
Some would think a nomadic life, but a full and exciting one too. I barely eat seafood (I just can’t, its disgusting 🙂 ), in spite of living on the ocean, I’m surely learning and enjoying my way around this sailing lifestyle.
This is just a small part of my life story but I would love to share all my joys, experiences, troubles and adventures with you guys through my blog and my camera lens. Photography is my life passion as far back as I remember, and I am loving to help people to see beautiful parts of the world where they don’t have a chance to go themselves.
I’d love to hear from you, about your life, travel and photography experiences.
Please, feel free to drop me an email or a message on @Facebook or just follow me on my @Instagram page. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Daily Mercury, Mackay

Here’s a great story published recently by the Daily Mercury, Mackay.

Very proud and very happy to share our story.

Many thanks to Janessa Ekert at the Daily Mercury.

Click  on the link below to see the full story.

Daily Mercury 16-5-2020

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